Hi. My name is Eric. This is my journey after being paralyzed in an off-road motorcycle accident on January 22, 2011. I suffered a fractured T12 resulting in a ASIA A Complete spinal cord injury. I have no sensation or motor function from my waist down and am in a wheelchair. My wife, two young daughters, family and friends have been supporting me in this journey.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schedule for This Week - June 13, 2011

Here is the schedule for this week:
   Monday :         BioFit
   Tuesday :        BioFit in the morning.  3rd IT and 2nd IV injections in the afternoon.
   Wednesday :  BioFit in the morning.  4th IT injection in the afternoon.
   Thursday :       Bone marrow extraction at a local hospital.
   Friday :            BioFit

Everyone is wondering how Eric is doing.  He is doing well, but he has not noticed any change in his condition.  We hope the stem cells are doing something, but as of yet nothing has changed.  It can take up to 6 months to notice any improvements.  We will let everyone know if it does.

Today's Update:
Eric, TJ, Julie, Scott, Abdul
Our driver was late this morning to pick us up, which was annoying since the BioFit appointment is only one hour and is scheduled back to back with other clients.  We were only a few minutes late, but that was a few minutes less workout Eric received.  Alexis focused on Abs again today.  We also got a group picture of some of the Stem Cell clients who are on the same schedule as us.  Eric, Scott and Abdul are spinal cord injury patients and Julie, Steve and TJ are MS patients. 

 After returned, Tracy went to the hotel gym to get her own exercise on the treadmill while Eric relaxed in the room.  Tonight we are going to dinner with Scott and Joe as well as Julie and her son Scott.


  1. I'm curious. I've heard that it can take up to 6 months to see any improvement from the stem cell treatment, but what is the possible soonest? Would it be possible to see improvement this soon or is a month more reasonable?

  2. You are correct; it could take up to six months to see results. We are hoping to see improvement sooner to know what we are doing is a benefit, but that might not be realistic. The doctors say it is unique to each individual and will not provide a timeframe except to say that the sooner results are experienced, the more likely the stem cells will be beneficial to that person.